This blog is about Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. I abbreviate that to “OCS” a lot of the time. As do many IT administrators, technicians, people in the industry, etc.

However, there”s another meaning for “OCS” out there. And it”s one I”ve received a few confused emails over.

“OCS” also stands for Officer Candidate School. It”s the US military”s officers” training facility in Quantico, VA. In fact, if you do a Google search for only “OCS” that”s what comes up first. (Add “2007” to that if you want to find Microsoft”s OCS 2007 homepage.)

So there”s some clarification, in case anyone else was confused. This blog is about the Microsoft communications software platform, not the military school. And next week we”ll be back with more!

A Little Clarification on the Term "OCS"

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