While on Twitter yesterday, I saw a new Lync download making the rounds:

Microsoft Lync 2010 Training Download Package

From the overview:

“The Lync Training Download Package contains all of the available training and user education resources for Lync.”

All of these resources are sorted for you in an Excel workbook, & divided up by office role.  Information Worker, Early Adopters, New Hires, Admin-Receptionists, Executives, Help Desk and Lync Online.

Each list is broken up by a category, defined by Lync Server Role or communication method.  They are:

  • IM and Presence
  • Collaboration and Conferencing
  • Voice and Video
  • Devices
  • Group Chat
  • Attendee
  • Lync Web App
  • Lync for Mobile Clients
  • Lync for Mac

The training material for each category is ranked, from “Optional” to “Strongly Recommended.”  Some of the material comes in the training package download.  The rest is available on Microsoft’s support websites.

Organizes Current Lync Training Material For You

Why use this new training package?  It makes Microsoft’s Lync education resources neat & easy to find.

Everything (to date!) is included:

–WorkSmart Guides
–Quick Reference Cards
–Training Videos
–Instructor-Led Training (registration needed)

However, it’s important to know:  This is NOT recommended as a resource for Lync certification.  There’s almost no server-side material.   The package is clearly intended to help you train to support Lync’s client-facing functions.

Training List 1:  New Hires

The “New Hires” category is a good starting point.  It lists out what I’ll call the “standard set” of training materials.  FAQs, Quick Reference Cards, introductory How-To  Videos, and Self-Paced Training.

You’ll find these in every other category, with additional resources and/or different recommendation levels depending on the role.  Pay attention to Recommendation levels…they’ll give you a path to follow.  Start with “Strongly Recommended” and work down from there.

For instance, under Collaboration & Conferencing for New Hires, a Quick Reference Card and Self-Paced Training are “Strongly Recommended.”  A How-To Video is “Recommended.”  And Instructor-Led Training is “Optional.”

Catch-All for Microsoft Lync Education

How effective will this training package be?  That depends on how you decide to use it.  The download includes a lot of information, some of it new.  (I’m putting the “Help Desk Troubleshooting” doc on our SharePoint right after this post.)

Microsoft has written the workbook as a catch-all and a starting point.  So you can build training into your office’s activities by grabbing certain elements and putting them in front of the people who need them most.


Next week I’ll go into more detail with comparisons between categories.  Until then – planning to use this download?  How?

Examining the Lync Training Package – Part 1

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