You”re about to have your first full-on Live Meeting conference with a client! OCS is all set up; you”ve got the cameras ready in case they want to jump to video. VoIP is set up, Mediation server is a go, Edge server in place. Let”s call them up, right?

Not so fast. Check a few things first. You wouldn”t want your first OCS conference to crash would you? Might cause problems with the client, if they think your conferencing setup isn”t up to snuff.

These are 6 things to check in your OCS setup before any conference is held. I”m assuming basic OCS functionality is already taken care of; these are things you might not think to check right away. But they can "tangle the lines" if they”re not addressed.

1. Test the VoIP connection by calling someone outside your internal network.

If they can”t hear you/you can”t hear them, there”s a problem on the Mediation server or VoIP gateway. (Run video on this test too, if you plan to use video in the conference.)

2. Check the Edge server for invalid certificates.

A run-through of the Edge server”s event log will tell you if there”s any certificate issues creeping around. If so, these should be resolved. They could potentially mess up your client”s external connection to your OCS setup if not.

3. Double-check your SIP domains.

If you used (as most Edge servers do), make sure it”s an FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) and it”s not blocked by any firewall rules. This can scuttle any external connections if not checked.

4. Is public IM federation turned on & running?

Just in case you want to send over a link during the conference. If your SIP domains are okay, this shouldn”t have any configuration problems.

5. Run the OCS Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

This Analyzer is a Microsoft tool (beta) that tests remote connectivity to an OCS server. It will even auto-discover the needed port and Access Edge.
Ask your client to run the Analyzer on their end before the conference. It”s free and web-based, so it should be quick & easy:

(The Communications Server Team blog has a write-up on it here: Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer – Communications Server Team Blog)

6. And as a last check, make sure that your Internet connection is solid.

If that goes down,well…there”s not much else you can do,is there?

If everything checks out here – you”re ready to have your chat.

P.S. – Jeff Schertz of PointBridge Blogs has a detailed review of connectivity needs too. With a few handy diagrams.

Did I miss anything? Is there something you like to check in OCS before any big conference session? Let us know in the Comments. Be as detailed as you like; it helps everybody!

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6 Things to Check Before an OCS Conference

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