I attended the Cloud Connect Expo in Santa Clara yesterday. (It's still going today; check www.cloudconnectevent.com if you haven't attended yet!) I like heading to events like that – I can get an idea of industry direction, see new technologies coming out, make some new connections and so on. Cloud Connect was no different.

Before I go add my connections on LinkedIn, here's a few observations of the Cloud Connect events.

Most of the attendees were from tech companies. Like me! I spoke with a few of the wandering fellow techies about why they'd come. Their reasons were either to check out the cloud computing industry's status (like me). Or they were looking for cloud-based services they could add to their own products & resell.

A few vendors seemed surprised when I told them about our Hosted OCS. What? Running OCS in a cloud-computing type of setup? Why, that's a novel idea! (Yes, we thought so too.)

Marketing tactics were a bit behind the times. Oh, they had a Twitter event hashtag (#ccevent) and a dedicated social network up. That's great. But some of the booths had vague promotional language, and/or their reps used hard-sell tactics. Nobody's fault, but it was a little too pushy for such new services. Hopefully this will smooth out by the time the cloud reaches more common understanding. And speaking of that…

People are already talking about cloud standards. I think this is a big help for cloud computing overall. Defining standards early on, especially for such an open-purpose technology model as cloud computing, should help us all avoid confusion over things like “What's this cloud stuff going to DO for us?” in the future.
Dave at IBM had a presentation on current efforts to produce open standards for the cloud. I'll repost a couple links they gave:
www.cloudusecases.org – A Google Group for defining use cases of cloud computing. There's a group-composed white paper on such use cases too (available on Scribd here: http://bit.ly/1FXRAH).
www.Cloud-standards.org – The Cloud Standards Wiki. Many more links to standards organizations and contributing groups are here.
www.Opencloudconsortium.org – One of the current contributing groups to cloud standards.

No Microsoft reps. Nobody showed up for the Microsoft booth yesterday! What's up with that? Even the IBM guys next door boggled. Hopefully someone's there today.

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Observations from the 2010 Cloud Connect Expo
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